Saturday, June 18, 2011

SYLVANIAN CRAFT IDEA - Picnic Table And Chair!

Hi Bloggers, Last night I came up with this great idea to make some nice little tables and chairs for my sylvanian families because I added a nice new little area where you can go for picnics near the park and also buy a drink from the juicebar or ice-cream from the ice-cream cart, But I wanted a place for them to sit down in that area and enjoy their food, drink, the view or anything else! :) So hear are some pictures, Enjoy!!!



Here's Mr Buttercup is enjoying his pizza in the park this morning while sitting on at table and chair. :) And I forgot to mention, That the chairs hold up the sylvanians just fine :) Unless you make it the wrong way.

Mrs Blackberry and Mr Buttercup are enjoying a box of pizza :)

This is a picture of the bottom of the table (On the left) and the chair (On the right) So you can see some of the stuff it's made from. 

Ok so these are the things you need for the table and chair but I'll do a chart below to name the equipment and everything so it's easier for you all :) 

Equipment Needed For Table:
* 9 Paddle Pop Sticks
*  Some Blutac
* 4 Pom-Poms (Around the same size in the picture ^)
* A Pair Of Scissors (Sorry I Forgot To Add That In The Photo ^)

 Equipment Needed For Chair:
* 9 Paddle Pop Sticks
* Some Blutac
* 4 Pom-Poms (MUST Be Smaller Pom-Poms Then The Ones In The Picture For The Chair!)
* Possibly Scissors

So that's all of the materials used for the table and chair :) I haven't got any pictures to take you step by step how to make them, But if you'd like me to, then let me know by asking me in the comments box below and I'll continue this blog post by adding in the steps. :)

Hope you enjoyed this craft idea!
Let me know what you think of it :) And if I come up with anymore great craft ideas, I'll make a blog post about it :) Well Bye For Now Bloggers!

-Sharni :)


  1. your blog is so cute :)

    and I add the word bubbles on :3

  2. Nice tutorial, many thanks! I'm a Sylvanian collector and miniaturist too.. :)
    Hugs from Venice!