Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey Bloggers! The news section I had before only had old things on there and you'd have to keep on scrolling all the way down to the new news so instead I thought that I'd make more news sections whenever the news gets old :) So Now I have some more news for you and this time, It's NEW NEWS :D



Hi Guys!!!!! Last night one of my best friends slept over my house (Friday 19 Feb 2011) and we both loooooove Sylvanian Families so we decided to make a cute little shop that sells Bags, Shoes, Clothes and Accessories this morning :) So we did and it looks GREAT! We also took a few photos so you can take a look:


We put Wallpaper up and Carpet and it turned out wonderful! I LOVE IT! It's a very cute little shop for little girls and there mother to go shopping at :)


Hi Everyone out there that are taking a look at my blog! :) about 3 days ago, I made this cute little Medical Centre out of cardboard boxes :D It's very cute so please take a look at some of the photos:

                                               Receptionist ^                                                                       

Doctors Room ^

Dentist Room ^

My little baby cow with the Dentist sunglasses on :D ^

A little table I made for the Dentist ^

That's all for the Medical Centre, Hope You Like It ! :D


Heyyyy Bloggers!!!!! A couple of days ago, I put different furniture in my Beechwood Hall connected to a different house/cottage and all of the rooms look really cute so here's a few pics of them:

The Houses Connected Together :) ^
The Kitchen ^

Lounge Room ^

Bath Room ^

Parents Room ^ 

Balcony/Relaxing Area :) ^

Nursery/Babies Room ^

The Girls Room (: ^

Boys Room (: ^ 

That's All The Rooms (:


Check Weekly For More News!!!! Byeeee :D

NEW SHOPS IN MY SYLVANIAN VILLAGE: Hi Everyone!!! I went to a Toyworld near my house about 2 weeks ago and they bought new Sylvanian Families in stock!!! So I decided to buy the Sweet Shop, The Flower Shop annnd the Two Baby Persian Cat Twins (Because I've been meaning to get Persian Twins because I only had the family and the one baby not the twins) So I felt like taking some pictures of them because I was really excited! :) But sorry, I didn't take any pictures of the baby cat twins, Only the shops. Ennnjooooy:

Sweet Shop & Flower Shop! <3
Flower Shop, Sweet Shop.
Sweet Shop By Itself :D
Flower Shop By Itself :D

- Sharni ^_^

SYLVANIAN FAMILIES ON LAY-BY: Hi!!!!! Weeeelll you know how I told you all about the new Sylvanian Families came in stock in the above post ^ (If you haven't read about it, You can read about it now in the above post so you know what im talking about) Well anyway, As I was saying, I put a few Sylvanian Families on Lay-By so that I wouldn't need to save up to buy a new Sylvanian thing each week so I decided to put 3 things on Lay-By but now I want to put more things on but I didn't think I'd need themmm so now they're proably sold :( But atleast I have 3 things that I think are really cute <3 I have the Pizza Shop <3 Ice-Cream Cart <3 And The Juice Bar And Figure Set <3 Which is great!!! :D But now I REALLY want the baby nursery set with the little crib with the cute little light that puts pictures on the wall :( And the Children's Bedroom set because I made a little house out of my caravan and I made the Koala dad get married to the Persian cat mum hehe because for one, I didn't really like the Persian Cat mum and dad together or the Koala mum and dad together? I don't know why but I just didn't like it that way ahaha so I swapped it around HEHE and the other reason was because I wanted a family to look after more then 4 or 5 or 3 children so I made the parents take it in turns, The Persian mum and Koala dad have all the koala kids and cat kids every second week so the Persian dad and Koala mum have all the kids every second week so all the kids stay with the Persian mum and Koala dad one week and then the next week the other parents take care of the kids :) Oh and yeah as I was saying why I wanted the Children Bedroom Set well yeah it's because I want more beds for the children :)  Anyway I better get going now so byeeee !!! xxx



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