Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peanut And Slurpy Steal Pepsi

One Day The Two Baby Twin Elephants Peanut And Slurpy Were Planning To Go To The Shops With The Two Baby Mice Matt And Mel.
Once They Got To The Shops, They Spotted A Fridge.
They Opened The Fridge And Found Some Pepsi Inside. Peanut And Slurpy Wanted To Steal It, But Matt And Mel Didn’t Want To Because They Knew It Was Wrong.
So The Four Of Them Got Into A Fight About Stealing The Pepsi.

PEANUT: Come On Lets Just Steal It! No One Will Know!

SLURPY: Come On Guys! Don’t Be Chicken!!

MEL: No! Stealing Is Wrong, I’ve Seen It On TV Before, It’s Not Pretty!

MATT: It’s Not About Being Chicken! It’s About Us Getting Into Trouble Which I Don’t Want To Happen, Our Parents Will Kill Us If We Steal! You Two Only Don’t Care Because You Don’t Have Parents, Your Homeless!...... Lets Go Mel.
So Matt And Mel Left And Went Home……
So Peanut And Slurpy Carried On With There Plan.

PEANUT: Don’t Worry Slurpy, We Don’t Need Those Babies.

SLURPY: Exactly! We Can Do It On Our Own, We Don’t Need Them And it’s Not Like Anyones Gonna Know!
As Soon As Peanut And Slurpy Left, The Shop Keeper Mrs Butterglove Went To Drink Some Of Her Pepsi But Found Out It Was Missing!

MRS BUTTERGLOVE: Oh No!!!! Where’s My Pepsi!!! Someone Must Of Stolen It!!
As Peanut Started To Pour The Pepsi, Slurpy Saw Mrs Butterglove Looking At Her And Peanut. Slurpy Started To Get Worried So She Tried To Warn Peanut But He Was Too Busy Concentrating On Pouring The Pepsi.
Mrs Butterglove Noticed That Peanut & Slurpy Had Been Pouring The Stolen Pepsi.

MRS BUTTERGLOVE: Ah Ha! That’s The Pepsi I Was Looking For Because It Had Been Stolen. So From My View, You Two Stole My Pepsi!!!!

SLURPY: Ummm No We Didn’t Mrs Butterglove, I Swear!

PEANUT: Yeah We Promise, It Wasn’t Us!!!
All Of A Sudden Mr Butterglove Came By To See What Was Happening.

MR BUTTERGLOVE: Hello Hunny, What’s Happening Over Here?

MRS BUTTERGLOVE: These Two Baby Elephants Have Stolen My Pepsi!

PEANUT: It Wasn’t Us! It Was …….. Ummm Matt And Mel The Baby Mice!

SLURPY: Yeah! It Was Matt And Mel The Two Baby Mice!  They Stole The Pepsi And Then Gave It To Us, We Swear!!!

MR BUTTERGLOVE: Matt And Mel??? Are You Sure? They Don’t Seem Like the Type To Steal???

PEANUT: It’s True!!!

MRS BUTTERGLOVE: Well, Lots Of Children These Days Steal So It Could Have Been Them But Just To Make Sure I Think I Should Visit Them......
So Mrs Butterglove Went To Visit Matt And Mel Hawthorn.

SLURPY: Ummmm….. Do We Have To Come????
MRS BUTTERGLOVE: Yes Of Course You Do, Your Part Of This Crime.
PEANUT: Ohh….. Well Umm Ok …..
Mrs Butterglove, Peanut And Slurpy Arrived At The Hawthorn Families House When They Found Mr Hawthorn Having A Beer Out The Front Of His House.
Mrs Butterglove Told Mr Hawthorn About The Crime.
Mrs Butterglove Also Told Mrs Hawthorn About The Crime.

 MRS HAWTHORN: What!!!!! My Children Stole Pepsi!!!!!

MRS BUTTERGLOVE: Well According To What Peanut And Slurpy Said, Yes They Did Steal Some Pepsi.

MRS HAWTHORN: Oh My! I’ll Call Them Downstairs Straight Away!!!
Mrs Hawthorn Told Matt And Mel Off.

MRS HAWTHORN: Right! According To Peanut And Slurpy You Two Have Stolen This Pepsi!!!!! Is That True!!!!’

MEL: WHAT! US!????? No We Didn’t They Did!!!!!!

MATT: No We Didn’t! Peanut And Slurpy Did!!! How Dare They Accuse Us For What They Did!!!!

MRS HAWTHORN: Don’t You Dare Blame Peanut And Slurpy For Something You Did! No Buts, Go To Your Room And Think About What You Two Have Done!!!!
Matt And Mel Were So Shocked About What Peanut And Slurpy Had Done So They Agreed To Never Trust Or Be There Friend Again.
Slurpy And Peanut Were Feeling Really Guilty So They Decided To Go To The Hawthorn Families House Again To Tell The Truth And Apologize
When They Arrived At Mrs Hawthorn’s House, They Asked If They Could Talk To Mrs Hawthorn, Matt And Mel So Mrs Hawthorn Let Them Inside.
They All Gave Each Other A Hug And Became Best Friends Again.
 Slurpy And Peanut Promised To Never Steal Anything Or Blame Anyone For Something They Did Again So Mrs Hawthorn Decided To Take All Four Of Them To Go To The Sylvanian Super Market And Buy Some More Pepsi For Mrs Butterglove And Luckily They Found Some!
They All Gave The Pepsi To Mrs Butterglove And The Baby Elephants Both Apologized And Told The Truth. Mrs Butterglove Forgave Them And Loved How Thoughtful They Were For Buying Her A New Pepsi.


  1. Thank You! I love your babies too! especially baby sheepie! :) I'll be getting the cow family and the cow babies in a few weeks because I ordered them from Sylvanian City which is a very good place to shop online for Sylvanian Families by the way and I can't wait to get them as I'll be using them in future stories I make :D

  2. Wow! Today I Got The Cow Family Surprisingly!!! And It only took 4 days to get delivered, Im so happy because they look so cute! And now I can put them in a story I make!! I've also wrote about them in my SYLVANIAN NEWS section in this blog so take a look :)