Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tree Trouble!

One afternoon Nicole Maces, Baby Daniel Maces and Mrs Maces went for a walk in the park.
When suddenly, Daniel saw his best friends Tom, Gabby and Peanut playing in a tree.

DANIEL: Mummy look it’s my friends! Can I please go play with them!

MRS MACES: Ok sweetheart but be careful. I’ll come pick you up later so have fun!

DANIEL: Thanks, I will mummy, Bye Bye Nicole And Mummy!


MRS MACES: Bye Sweetheart!
So Daniel went up to his friends.

PEANUT: Hi Daniel!

GABBY: Hello Daniel!!!!!

TOM: Hi Daniel! Wanna come climb the tree with us?

DANIEL: Hi! Ummmm ok, I’ll try…..

Daniel tried to climb the tree but he couldn’t.

DANIEL: I can’t, I don’t know how!

TOM: Come on Daniel, It’s easy!

GABBY: Woohoo! Look at me, I'm upside down!!
Daniel got upset and ran away because he felt left out because his friends could climb a tree and do tricks but he couldn’t.
Nicole Maces saw her baby brother Daniel crying so she came over to him to see what was wrong.

NICOLE: Daniel what’s wrong!?

DANIEL: I can’t climb a tree like my other friends and it makes me feel left out!

NICOLE: Oh. Well I have a idea! I can teach you how to climb the tree in the front of our house!

So Nicole showed Daniel a few steps to climbing a tree while Daniel did the same and finally, He learnt!
Nicole was so proud of Daniel and Daniel was so pleased that Nicole had taught him how to climb a tree so they gave each other a hug and went back to the park.

Once they got back to the park, Daniel climbed a tree with all of his friends and they all had a fun day playing in the tree!

 DANIEL: Thanks Nicole!
NICOLE: No problem Daniel!



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  2. im 11 and love your story's they are sweet