Thursday, January 13, 2011

Milk Fizz

One Night, The Persian Cat Family Was Out For Dinner At The Restaurant In the Beechwood Hotel.
Mrs Persian And Brandon Persian Went To Go Get A Drink From The Drink Bar.

MRS PERSIAN: Hello, Do you sell any new types of drinks here other then milkshakes and beer?

MR HAWTHORN: Sorry but we only have milkshakes and beer, Would your son like a milkshake?

BRANDON PERSIAN: ohh… Never mind then, Mum can we please get a drink from another shop?

MRS PERSIAN: No Brandon. Don’t worry, We won’t have a drink.

MR HAWTHORN: …………. Ok?
So Mr Hawthorn Talks To His Wife About A New Drink.

MR HAWTHORN: I Think We Need To make a new drink instead of just having milkshakes and beer. What do you think?

MRS HAWTHORN: I Agree, we’re losing our buissness because of our drinks, they’re boring and getting old. We’ll have to see what we can do.

Once Mrs Hawthorn Came Home, Bryce Hawthorn Asked His Mother To Make Him Her Special Homemade Drink. She Calls It A Milk Fizz.

BRYCE: Mum, Could You Please Make Me A Milk Fizz???

Mrs Hawthorn Got Out All Of Her Special Ingrediants when Hilary Hawthorn and the two baby twin mice Matt And Mel came along to watch.

MRS HAWTHORN: Hello Kids, Im Making A Milk Fizz For Your Brother, Would You Like One Too?

HILARY: Yes Please!

MATT: Yes Please Mummy

MEL: Whats A Milk Fizz Mummy?
Mrs Hawthorn Gave Mel A Glass Of Her Special Milk Fizz And All Her Other Kids.

 HRS HAWTHORN: Here You Go Mel, Taste It And You’ll Find Out What A Milk Fizz Is.

 MEL: Yummy! Thanks Mummy!! Im Gonna Go Out And Play Now With My Ducky And I’ll Take My Milk Fizz With Me.

MRS HAWTHORN; Ok Sweetheart, Be Careful. I’ll Come And Collect You Soon.
Mel Was Playing With Her Duck When Baby Marcus Persian Came Along To Play With Her.

MARCUS: Hello Mel, Would you mind if I play with you and your ducky?

MEL: Sure you can play with us! Oh and your choo choo train can play too!!

MARCUS: Yay Thanks!! Choo Choo!!
Marcus And Mel were playing together when Marcus relised that Mel was drinking a yummy looking drink.

MARCUS: Mel, What Are You Drinking?

MEL: Im drinking my mummies homemade drink, She calls it a Milk Fizz! It’s very yummy, Maybe she can make you one too!

MARCUS: That’s sounds nice! Could your mummy please make me one to?
Mrs Persian Came Along To Take Marcus Home.

MRS PERSIAN: Come On Marcus, time to go home now.

MARCUS: awwww but mummy me and Mel were just about to go to her house so that her mummy could make me a Milk Fizz, Please Let Me Stay!!!!

MRS PERSIAN: A Milk Fizz????

MEL: Yeah a Milk Fizz, My mummy makes them, They’re delicious!
Suddenly, Mrs Hawthorn Came to take Mel home when she spotted Mrs Persain And Marcus Persian.

MRS HAWTHORN: Hello everyone! Mel come on it’s time to go home now.

MEL: Mummy Marcus Wants to try a Milk Fizz!

MRS PERSIAN: No It’s ok, He doesn’t have to.

MRS HAWTHORN: No it’s fine, Of coarse you can try one Marcus! And luckily I brang another Milk Fizz to give to Mel but we’d be happy to give it to you and your mother to share! Right Mel?

MEL: Right!

MARCUS: Thanks!!!! Ooooooh This Is Really Yummy Mummy, Try It!
As soon as Mr Hawthorn came over to take a look at whats happing, Mrs Persian Cat Tastes the drink.

MRS PERSIAN: WOW! This Drink Tastes Wonderful!!! Now This Is A Drink I Would Buy At A Restaurant!

MR HAWTHORN: Whats going on over here?

MEL: Mummy made all of us a drink she made, She calls it a Milk Fizz. Everyone loves it, you should sell it at your restaurant.

MRS HAWTHORN: Mel’s Right! We could sell them at the restaurant! They’ll be extremely popular!

MR HAWTHORN: Great Idea!!!!
The Next Day Mrs Hawthorns Milk Fizz Was Famous At The Beechwood Hotels Restaurant!
Milk Fizzes Became so popular that there restaurant was packed with customers!

MR BILLABONG KOALA: One Milk Fizz Please!

MR HAWTHORN: One Milk Fizz Coming Right Up!


  1. Hi SylvanianFAN,
    Thanks for the story! I hope the Milk Fizzes could go around the whole SF town too!!!
    BTW, I like the straw!!

  2. hehe thanks! I made the whole drink out of pipe cleaners including the little straws :)