Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi There :) This part of my blog is called SYLVANIAN NEWS and it's called that because I'll be telling you news about lots of different Sylvanian things like new sylvanian families I buy, New shops I open in my village and lots of other news I have to share :D So please let me know if you have any suggestions for me to put into this section of my blog, If you have any questions or if you just have a comment :) Thanks :3

- Sharni

Hello Everyone! I just recieved the cow family today because I ordered them from the online shop Sylvanian City! So I thought I'd share them with you!!!! By the way they are so cute and im so shocked that I've already received them because I only ordered them 4 days ago and they came today! One of my best friends ordered  the Meerkat family and there triplets from the same place and it took about 2 weeks for them to get delivered so im very lucky :3 Anyway here are some photos:

They Came In A Box Like This ^

                 Another Photo Of Them In The Box And Inside The Package I Also Found A Cute Little Booklet ^ Which You Can Have A Good Look At In The Other Photos I've Posted :)

The Cute Little Cows With The Booklet :D

Photos Of And Inside The Booklet ^

Hello Everyone! I've opened a Pizza Shop in my village and thought you'd like to see it. I also have some great ideas for the pizza shop so here are some ideas:

If you don't have the pizza set yet and you really want some pizza boxes, Then go onto a website called Jim's Printable Minis and it has all sorts of great objects you can print out and fold to make them into a little accessory for Sylvanian families like little cereal boxes, highly detailed laptops, table cloths, donut boxes, takeout food boxes and even cute little Pizza Boxes!!! Just for an idea :)

Another idea is if you want little pizzas just draw them and colour them in! :D And they're perfect for your pizza shop :3


The little signs outside the pizza shop :) NO SMOKING and a Sorry We're Closed :D And by the way if your looking for signs like them, They're also from Jim's Printable Minis :D and I also just have some pizza and a little paddle pop stick snapped in a quarter and it's got Pizza Shop written on it outside the shop :)

Inside the pizza shop at the counter and behind is the cooking area for Mr Grunt And Mr Butterglove to cook there pizzas! By the way don't mind the Colgate/Toothpaste Box, It's supposed to be the counter for the shop next door to the pizza shop which is meant to be a bakery but it isn't quite complete yet and I'm meaning to cover the toothpaste box  with contact :)
Mr Grunt And Mr Butterglove Working ^
Zac Henry-Lloyd And Mr Henry-Lloyd Buying A Small Sized Pizza In The Pizza Box From Jim's Printable Minis :D
Now Zac And Mr Henry-Lloyd Are At Home And Ready To Eat There Pizza! :3
Now This Is Mr Butterglove With His Little Delivery Truck Delivering Pizzas With His Little Yellow Pizza Hat On :)
Another Photo Of The Delivery Truck :D

Hi Everyone!!! I've Got More News For You All! Well, My Cow Family had no house to live in so I used a few buildings I wasn't using and put them together to make one big house and it turned out great! So here it is:

This Is There House! They Have A Swimming Pool And Everything! :D

Beechwood Hall

Joined To Country Cottage!

And The Cow Family Is Here :)

Hello Everyone!!! I know that I told you about my Pizza Shop already but now I have a new one! It's Great and I thought I should show you guys so here it is:

This is the new shop!!! It's alot bigger and better! And as you can see there is a glass rectangle thing on top of a silver thing. Sorry I can't explane it very well but it has a button on it and when you press the button, The glass on top of the silver thing lights up and it looks really cool :) And yes the cow family does own this shop :D

This is the glass thing up close and right now it's turned off.

And this is the glass thing turned on and you can see that it's got a bit of color lit up but it's hard to see it in a photo but it lights up alot more when you actually see it not in a picture but in real life :)

Hey Bloggers! Lately I've been thinking about making a Music Shop for my town out of a shoe box because I've got a few plans like buying the School Music Lesson Set so I have intruments :D But it's $30, Do you think it's worth it to complete a Music Shop? Right now the only intruments I have are 2 guitars, (One's Acoustic, The others Electric)  A have a Microphone and a Piano but it's too big for my Sylvanian Families, That's why I was thinking about buying the Music Lessons Set and if the school comes out then I'd probably buy that so if I end up buying the lesson set and don't end up making the Music Shop, Then I could use it for the school if they ever bring it in and it's probably really expensive knowing Sylvanian Buildings :/ Anyway it would be GREAT if you guys could comment and let me know what you all think :) Thanks! I might end up posting some pictures of the instruments I have and of the Music Lesson Set cause there is pics of it on the internet :D That's all for now, Bye! Be Sure To Check For More News Weekly :D


  1. Nice work, thank you for sharing the Jim Printable minis site! It's great!

  2. No Problem :) I Hope You Have A Good Time With It, It Has Nearly Everything You Could Imagine! :D