Monday, January 24, 2011

Pizza Detectives

One night Baby Cody Barker and Baby Jason Billabong were playing with there toys feeling hungry.

CODY: Wow I’m Starving !
JASON: Me Too, Wanna Order Pizza?
CODY: Ok! But Wait, Don’t We Need To Pay?
JASON: Doesn’t God Pay For Food?
CODY: Oh Yeah! He Probably Does Because He Wouldn’t Want Babies Like Us To Starve!
So Jason And Cody Called The Pizza Shop And Mr Butterglove Answered The Phone.

MR BUTTERGOLVE: Hello Paradise Pizza James Butterglove Speaking How May I Help You?
 JASON: Can I please have one large Margareta Pizza Please And We’d Like It Delivered To 4 Sylvanian Hill, Family Court Please.
 MR BUTTERGLOVE: Ok That’ll cost $17.60 so I’ll Be Over There In About 10 Minutes.
 CODY: Ok.
So After The Pizza Was Made He Got In His Delivery Truck And Drove To 3 Sylvanian Hill, Family Court.
Mr Butterglove Arrived To The House.

 MR BARKER: What? We didn’t order a piz…. WHAT! $17.60! We can’t pay that much money for pizza!
 MR BUTTERGLOVE: Well Someone Needs To Pay Because There Was An Order From this House.
 MR BARKER: This Is Ridiculous! But Fine! *Hands Over Money*
 MR BUTTERGLOVE: Thank You. Have A Nice Night Sir.
Mr Barker was trying to figure out who ordered the pizza when his Daughter Hannah and her best friend Kylie came along

KYLIE: Hi Mr Barker! What’s Wrong and who’s Pizza is this, It looks delicious!
 HANNAH: Hi Daddy!
 MR BARKER: Hello Kids. I don’t know who’s pizza this is because im not sure who ordered it, The delivery man said that someone in this house ordered this pizza but I have no idea who! But it’s my pizza now because I paid for it but If you two want it so badly, Then how about we make a deal, You find out who ordered the pizza and you too can have the pizza all to yourself. What do you say?
 KYLIE: Ok!!! We’ll Find Out Who The Criminal Is But How?
 MR BARKER: Ok Great! You Can Find Out Who Ordered It By Looking For The Telephone And Then See Who Used It Last And Also Ask A Few Questions To People If You Want. Let Me Know When You Find Out Who Ordered The Pizza
So They Searched And Searched For The Phone But They Couldn’t Find It.
They Were Searching All The Rooms When They Came Into The Babies Room And Found The Phone And They Also Heard There Little Brothers Jason And Cody Talking.

JASON: I Wonder If The Pizza Has Came Yet.
 CODY: Yeah I Know! I’m So Hungry!!! But Why Did The Pizza Man Tell Us The Price Of The Pizza When He Shouldv’e Been Telling God Cause God Was Paying For It Not Us.
 JASON: I Know, It’s Strange, It Almost Sounded Like He Was Saying That We Were Meant To Pay.
 CODY: Yeah But We Haven’t Paid For That Pizza We Ordered, God Has Right?
 JASON: Right! God Has Paid.
So Hannah And Kylie Asked Them Some Questions.

HANNAH: You Two Ordered The Pizza Didn’t You Because The Phone Is Up Here And Me And Kylie Heard You Two Talking About Pizza You Ordered.
 JASON: Ok Ok We’re Sorry, We Did Order Pizza But Everything Is Ok Because God Payed For It!!!
 KYLIE: God??? God Doesn't Pay For Food Or Anything! You Pay Yourself, You Don't Just Order Something And Expect God To Pay For it.
 CODY: Oh..... We're Sorry, We Never Knew.
So Kylie And Hannah Bought There Baby Brothers To Mr Barker.

HANNAH: Daddy We Did It!!! We Found The Criminals!!!!
 MR BARKER: Wow Thanks Girls!!! Well Done! You Can Go Eat Your Pizza Now
 KYLIE: Yay Thanks!!!
 CODY: There Pizza?
 MR BARKER: Yes There Pizza! Because I Had To Pay For It, I Get To Choose Who Eats It And I Choose My Two Little Pizza Detectives! Well Done Girls!
 HANNAH: I Want To Be A Detective When I Grow Up!
 KYLIE: Me Too!!!
MR BARKER: Great!! And As For You Two Cody And Jason…….
Mr Barker Made The Two Baby Boys Do Chores Around the House Like Washing The Dishes And Cleaning The Toilets And Cleaning Up After Everyone For There Punishment.
And As For The Two “ Detectives” They Were Enjoying There Pizza After All There Hard Work That Day!  


  1. haha, that's funny! God pay for the food..haha

  2. Did you make the Pizza & the Pizza box yourself?

  3. Hi Iceklicky,

    Thanks, You for your comments, Ahaha I tried to make it interesting and funny at the same time :)

    And I actually printed out the Pizza Boxes and then folded them into a Pizza Box from this website:

    Jim's Printable Minis. It's a really good website to print out things for your Sylvanian Families :) I also have little cereal boxes and stuff too that came from there :D And as for the Pizza's, I just hand drew them :)

    - Sharni